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Salted Pork In Jelly
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    Salted Pork In Jelly
    Meat, Poultry & Fish
    Pork skin thawing →modifying → pre-boiling                                                    mold sterilization
                                        ↓                                                                                               ↓
    Raw material → raw meat thawing → split → curing → cooking → loading
    mold → frozen → cut → packaging
                                   Brine soup boiled                                                                      ↑
                                                                                                                    Complex with preservative
    Compound Preservative (312.5 mg/kg of tea polyphenols, 468 mg/kg and streptococcus element, 39 (mg/kg epsilon - poly lysine, 234.25 mg/kg cinnamic aldehyde)

    Within 30 days storage period, with the extension of storage time, the treatment group and contrast group are in rising trend, the rising rate of treatment group is lower then contrast group. 0 days there is no significant difference, 7 days the treatment group was significantly lower than the control group. 22nd day and 15th day, no difference between the total number of bacteria colonies, product bacteria achieves a relatively stable state; Later, the total number of bacteria growth slowly. 30th day, inhibition effect of preservative reduced. Within 30 days storage period, the treatment group can effectively inhibit growth rate of total bacteria, microbial breeding has been effectively controlled, expecting to extend product shelf life to more than 40 days is possible.
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    Natural Compound Food Preservatives
    Bainafo designs a range of natural compound food preservatives to find a reasonably priced natural preservative system for customers. It can prolong the shelf life of food and keep it fresh.
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    Natural Antimicrobial
    Nisin is used in processed foods and during production to extend shelf life by decomposing Gram-positive spoilage and pathogenic bacteria.
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    Natural preservative polylysine
    Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial
    Polylysine is an ideal natural antimicrobial to prolong the shelflife, with a high natural antimicrobial activity against a wide range of fungi, Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and their spores.
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