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Cooked Sausages
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    Dissolved antimicrobial agent in a small amount of water in the red sausage production process to add stirring,sausage was stored at 25 ° C.

    The total colony counts of nisin, rosemary extract and natamycin added under 25 ℃ storage conditions were lower than those without adding samples and adding lysozyme samples, which could increase the shelf life, but To achieve better results, it need to mix with other preservative.
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    Bio Disinfectant
    Bio Disinfectant
    Food Grade Disinfectant
    Bainafo Disinfectant is a high safety, efficient, environmentally friendly product, which can disinfect the production and public facilities, environment and staff’s hands. We supply a new control approach of microbe for Food, Medicine Care, Pharmaceuti
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    Nisin  preservative nisin food preservative nisin
    Natural Antimicrobial
    Nisin is used in processed foods and during production to extend shelf life by decomposing Gram-positive spoilage and pathogenic bacteria.
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    Natural preservative natamycin
    Natural Yeast and Mold Inhibitor
    Natamycin (Pimaricin) is a natural antimicrobial for preventing yeasts and moulds.
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