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    • natural food preservatives
      Natural Compound Food Preservati...
    • Transglutaminase TG-B
      Transglutaminase TG-B
    • Bio Disinfectant
      Bio Disinfectant
    Flour was sterilized by microwave. Different concentrations of preservative solution were added and added to the noodles during the surface process. The noodles were sealed with sterile bags and stored at room temperature.
    During the process of preservation, the total number of mold colonies of natamycin was lower than other treatment groups, indicating that natamycin on the noodles in the mold have a good inhibitory effect.
    Natural Protective Solutions
    waterless hand sanitizer
    Waterless Hand Sanitizer (travel-size)
    Disposable Hand Sanitizer
    The waterless hand sanitizer is designed to effectively clean the hands instead of flushing with water.
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    Bio Disinfectant
    Bio Disinfectant
    Food Grade Disinfectant
    Bainafo Disinfectant is a high safety, efficient, environmentally friendly product, which can disinfect the production and public facilities, environment and staff’s hands. We supply a new control approach of microbe for Food, Medicine Care, Pharmaceuti
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    natural food preservatives
    Natural Compound Food Preservatives
    Natural Compound Food Preservatives
    Bainafo designs a range of natural compound food preservatives to find a reasonably priced natural preservative system for customers. It can prolong the shelf life of food and keep it fresh.
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